About Ela

I am the daughter of Holocaust survivors. This changes the way I look at issues and deal with situations. I appreciate all that I have and for the sacrifices my parents made in Poland, Israel and Australia to give me a better and safer life.

I come from a creative family of authors, poets, musicians, photographers, film reviewers, producers, directors, animators and cinematographers.

I met my amazing partner, Peter, in the early days of my computer career. We have been together for over 40 years and initially worked for 25 years in the computer industry, designing and writing computer systems for various businesses. We later started a manufacturing business, using computer-controlled lasers to cut Australian animal shapes into wood to produce giftware such as coasters and tablemats.

We lived in one of the beautiful sandy beach suburbs of Sydney, but we have since moved west to the misty Blue Mountains. I love my family, my dog and cats, cooking, history and world affairs. Peter and I are animal activists and members of the Animal Justice Party (AJP). We have 2 daughters, 1 dog & various cats.

The timeline of our family continues in the book “The Bi-Polar Express” although with a different subject matter.